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The house Slåtteråsen, photo

Slåtteråsen 78, slightly narrower and longer than the standard model. The owners wanted to avoid blasting in the beautiful rock. 
Follow the construction of a Slatteråsen.



On the peninsula of Rödön not far from the Östersund airport, is the village of Slåtteråsen situated. We have chosen this beautiful local name for one of our most beautiful and demanded models.

Daniel Franzén’s SLÅTTERÅSEN is a classic long barn in a modern version. With or without an open passage, you can open up the house in the center to create a veranda. In other respects, it’s exactly the same as for most of long barns: narrow, long and with a little loft with almost full headroom; room for some extra beds. The windows are irregularly positioned in order to create a lifelike light. Moreover, if you draw the big sliding doors, you get an exciting interior where the light is filtered from different angles.

There are two basic models with only the length distinguishing them from each other. If you want to wall in the central open passage, we use big folding doors that can be opened up completely when you want to give the summer free passage right through the house.

D. Franzén, architect


Daniel Franzén

He happened to be a champion for pinewood to such a degree that some journalists wrote about him as the “pinewood man”. In his qualifying piece of work in 2004 – a fully functional 11 square meter apartment, about which a great deal was written – he made all surfaces white (such a small area had to be kept unembellished) – except  the ceiling and walls of the sleeping-loft that  were covered with sheets of pine veneer. 



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