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Hus ”Sikås”, foto.

Look into a Sikås-house!



This is what it has looked like for centuries. Small timbered “härbres” in the middle of the tilled land. It has been popular to move them to the gardens and turn them into guest houses. SIKÅS is our copy of the classic härbre. Small building area but fascinatingly big when you get on the loft.

Most people love the little house as it is, but perhaps some extra square meters wouldn’t do any harm. Therefore we have made a couple of versions where we have extended it or even docked another SIKÅS to another SIKÅS to another SIKÅS – twin, triplet.

Also see our major Sikås under the tab Barnhouses.

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SIKÅS 33 (76)
SIKÅS (33) 76
Architect G. Bäckman

      Gunnar Bäckman

Gunnar Bäckman, architect 1967, Licentiate of Technology at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), in Stockholm, municipal architect of Östersund and Krokom in the county of Jämtland. Gunnar has formed the basis of Arvesund’s design principles. In his models he has captured the barn and re-formed it to modern houses.

Based on his experience as a municipal architect Gunnar has in a number of projects shown how barn houses, backyard houses and cabins together can create a closely connected yard milieu and buildings.












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