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Rent a Barnhouse!

Now there is the opportunity to feel what it's like to live in a Barnhouse from Arvesund!


House Sikås by Lake Sommen

At the lake Sommen is a brand new Sikås 74, a vacation home that is rented weekly with rowboat and canoe and sauna. 
View interior and exterior photos from this summer house by the lake that can be rented.

House in the ski resort Åre

By the ski lift system and with views of Lake Åre.
Information about the barnhouse in the ski resort Åre.


Housebuilding by helicopter
Barnhouse model Sikås (106 sq.m.) is being built on an island without roads with the help of a ...

25 sqm houses for year round living
Now we started with a number back yard houses out in the archipelago. 25 sqm living standard...

Higher Klövsjö 172
In rural Bergsbrunna in a southern coveted part of Uppsala with immediate vicinity to nice...

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