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The house model Nyland, photo



Anders Landströms house for Arvesund Living is new but has a clear kinship with the house Vistet (The camp) that years back was created by Anders in collaboration with Thomas Sandell and Bertil Harström.

With shutters, expanded entrance, flat roof angle and abundant roof overhangs along the long sides, NYLAND is a barn house model that fits well in rural as well as in urban areas. A classic farmhouse as well as a modern ladhus.

NYLANDs plan can be varied based on various needs. In its basic design revolves around a central placed kitchen/bathroom piece, which also contains the stairs to the second floor. You can choose to have a living room open up to the ridge, one or two bedrooms downstairs or open plan all around.
With a coach house added you can then build on with studio or guest room alongside.

A. Landström, architect

Anders Landström

Anders Landström has grown up in the north of Sweden and has a passion for wood. That’s important to know. It’s a material that he has taken, and still takes, a special interest in. Today wood is of great immediate interest, not only as building material but also as a visible surface on furnishing.

Anders Landström’s passion for wood has even deeper roots. In 1996 he was awarded The Timber Prize for Anders Zorn’s textile chamber in Mora (an architectural prize, instituted by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation).

In 1997 he was elected to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and is since 1998 adjunct professor of wood architecture at Lund University.

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