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The house in Borkwalde is now 10 days old (Figure 2).
Figure 3-4: Kaxås 120 was delivered today (15-03-03) from Derome, Sweden.
Figure 5: Prepared for Delivery. Kaxås 120 will soon be erected in German Borkwalde, 50 km south of Berlin.

Slåtteråsen, Berlin now complete

In Zühlsdorf just north of Berlin, we have completed a Slåtteråsen with a living area of about 160 square meters.

Balcony and carport

December 4: Balcony and carport is in place on our sloping house in Åre.
27 november: The snow is here and the construction is progressing. 18 november: Weather for building
In Åre we have continued to build without problems!

Stugun 185 in Åre, Sweden
We build two houses in Åre – one sloping house and this: Stugun 185.

House project in Motala, Sweden

The first house model Duved of a group is being built. Overlooking Lake Vättern, with a nice beach in walking distance and a beautiful parkway behind the house, separating the golf course from the residential area. For more information: Kent Wenner, Tel: +708-23 47 90, kent@arvesund.com Michael Eden Krantz, Tel +730-79 20 54, mikael.edenkrantz@arvesund.com

Tällberg, part 5

The house in Tällberg is completed. A house with its own character and much cozy. See how delightfully light sprinkles in through closed sliding barn door shutters!
Follow the construction from the beginning in the news archive by headlines Projects Tallberg ...
This house model is Sikås 74. For more information about Sikås see link below.

Slatterasen north of Berlin

Just north of Berlin, in Zühlsdorf, the house model Slatterasen is being built right now. It has a living area of about 160 square meters,

Barn House on Areskutan ...

This week we begun to rig a Barn House on the slope of Åreskutan. It's a split-level house.

Dalåsen Värmdö ...

Dalåsen 58 is being built on Värmdö. ...

Ocke in Schwerin

Ocke found its way to Schwerin, the capital of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany.

The house in Rügen is complete

See the house Dalåsen appearing in German Rügen in pictures, interior and exterior. You will also find pictures from the house under construction day one in the news archive.

Small houses, 25 sq.m.

– Permit free in Sweden (Attefall). DIY kit. Arvesund Living has developed a number of sheds to complement our larger barn houses, tailored to the requirements of the so-called Attefallshus – permits free complementary building of 25 square meters. They are supplied as complete kits. It enables you to self-build all or part of the house.

Project Tällberg (Part 4) ...

The house Sikås 74 Tällberg Sjögårdar* is externally evident, barge boards and trim painted, scaffolding away. Follow the construction from the beginning in the news archive by headlines Projects Tallberg. * Tällberg Lake Gardens

Ocke 30 ...

under construction. This painted in protective tar substance.

Day 1

The house model Dalåsen is now being built in Rugen on the north German Baltic coast.

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