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25 sqm houses for year round living

Now we started with a number back yard houses out in the archipelago. 25 sqm living standard for use throughout the year. Small good house with good materials. Photos: Mattmar 25.

Higher Klövsjö 172

In rural Bergsbrunna in a southern coveted part of Uppsala with immediate vicinity to nice walks in protected environment, is a new Arvesunds Klövsjö 172 soon ready to move into. It is a bit higher than the standard model. A few months of work remains, the really nice part, when the bright hardwood floors are added, the kitchen's interior, tiled bathrooms and interior color scheme reveals the taste of the family with three children who will then be able to rejoice in their new house when winter turns to spring.

Sikås built in winter landscape

In the beautiful wintery mountain landscape is Sikås being built. It is one of the larger variants of the Sikås house model, 120 sq.m. Downstairs a small bedroom / study and family room with kitchen. On the upper floor a few larger bedroom.

Inauguration with celebration!

A beautiful "Klövsjö" barn house is inaugurated. See photos in the slideshow.

The tenth house of twelve

Our project area in Motala is sold out, the whole line of 12 houses will be moved in 2017. Today we erect the tenth house of the twelve terraced houses in pairs. The line forms, together with an avenue, an unified framing for the villa area "Södra Freberga".

Especial Slåtteråsen

A Slåtteråsen barn house in special execution is being build on one of the islands outside Stockholm.

Barn house Storlien

We have been waiting to see the large Norwegian barn house Storlien to be built. Now it happens! Designed by the Norwegian architectural agency Arkitekturverket for Arvesund Living.

Sikås from 45 to 58 sq.m.

Although the house is not in our catalog it have been built before. It is Sikås 45 as extended. In one house with an extra bedroom, in another with extended living room.

Now on Ekerö

The house model Stugun is being built.

House-rising - see the movie!

While the seventh house in order are facing final inspection, the eighth is being built and the ninth is raised in Motala, Sweden.
The building contractor "Ankarberg Bygg" shows the uprising of the ninth house in a quick-film. Scoll down on their website to "Husresning på Södra Freberga". Above is an aerial film over the location from the spring of 2016.

More houses are coming

Two of our beautiful houses outside Östersund will soon be joined by more houses with environmental profile. As always in Jämtland, crazy beautiful view! Here are the house models Sikås and Marieby.

Bye 106 emerging

Our first Bye is now being built in Järna, Sweden. It is a variant with an extra glazed room in one gable. A little odd bird among Arvesunds barnhouses, but with a great floor plan and an exciting exterior.

Outskirts of Gothenburg

In Lerum we build a Klövsjö 172 with a modern expression. No eaves and minimal details outside and inside.

Demonstration house ...

We are finalizing a split level house in Åre, Sweden, of about 230 sqm. Follow the construction. A house of three floors for a larger family and in addition a secluded apartment of 50 sqm on the ground floor. Details according to our standard. Expected to be completed for sale by Christmas, 2016. One of Åre's best views? ...

See the properties on Saturday!

Saturday, September 17 at 15.30, we show our plots in Hunnebostrand. To participate in the tour please contact Jenny Labecker, Svensk fastighetsförmedling in Kungshamn, +46 701-07 44 83, jenny.labecker@svenskfast.se
In the heart of northern Bohuslän, Sweden. Fabulous plots Now we start the sale of three properties in Hunnebostrand, in quiet, rural location but close to everything which constitutes Bohusläns attractiveness. The plots, which are well-proportioned, has a clear exclusivity (first come first served). They will be sold at a price concept with houses made by Arvesund Living and freedom of choices.

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