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Beautiful house Nyland painted.

Dalåsen on Osterlen
This week, we raise a Dalåsen on the shore of Osterlen. Since we lowered the the intermediate floor the loft got really good space. A bedroom of simplicity.


An orangery for use all year round. Arvesunds Bodsjö have here evolved into a full winterized back yard house. Glass ceiling and accommodations at an angle.


In Dahlenburg, between Hamburg and Hanover, we raise a long Barn House in between classic brick houses. Follow the project on this website.

We have received two pieces of land in the municipality of Mark; 30 kilometers from Gothenburg and two plots at Lerum Valley, about 20 kilometers from Gothenburg, and a plot of land for sale on Tjörn at Askeröfjorden. All in a beautiful setting.

Summer feeling
Leif and Viveka went a long way to find the right house model to its plot. It would be a house open to nature, with summer feeling. But have standard for all seasons, energy efficient of course, and with room to gather children and grandchildren. Today, here is a tailored barn house from Arvesund.

Unique sites, Öland
Not far from Ottenby on southern Öland, we build a 3-piece resident, 30 +10 +10 sqm. Beautiful courtyard view facing the sea horizon. We have two additional plots for intending birdwatchers. Contact us for a viewing. contact@arvesund.com

Slåtteråsen got color
Now Slåtteråsen on Hamburgö is finished! The property really blend into the Bohuslän granite. Very beautiful. Are you interested in our barn houses in Bohuslän, contact Ann, telephone 070-396 32 69.

Towns center
In the center of Trosa we build a Double Sikås. Blasted in the backyard.

House in Gotheburg
This week we are building our most popular model just outside Gothenburg. Adding house to an house farm close to the sea.

Sikås 74
For hire close to the lake. In Tranås close to the lake Sommen we are building Sikås 74. We hope this house will be available for hire to next summer. What a location!

Unique location in Tällberg
In the center of the most Swedish part, Dalarna we got lots for building houses from Arvesund. Please visit http://www.sjogardar.se/default.asp?PageID=549 and contact us or the local owner for more information. We start with our first house after the summer. Sikås74.

Floors and panels
Our new partner Baseco has produced and delivered solid wooden floors for many years. Baseco is the natural alternative for those who look for the really genuine feeling. For some time ago they deliver panels for walls and ceilings. All of them go well together with their floor products. The primary product is still the north Swedish slow grown pine that provide a high quality timber.

Exhibition with Mats Theselius
From the 15th of June and during all summer Mats Theselius has an exhibition i Vandalorum just outside Värnamo. With the classic Hermit’s Cabin, now in a slightly modified form. Don’t miss this opportunity if you are passing the way up from Malmö north. ...

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