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our three-parts house, is now being built, painted with oil lasure. The sun will make it beautifully grayed over time.

Mattmar 85 in the mountains

Mattmar 85 is a well-planned bungalow with two separate bedrooms divided by a large living room with kitchen. Sauna is a matter of course in the Swedish mountains!

New house in Umeå

A beautiful barnhouse by the shore, Klövsjö 125 (special) is under construction. For views "during construction" November 14 or January 28, email gunnar.froberg@arvesund.com

Modern and traditional in harmony

A modern barn house, surrounded by a handmade wooden fence, an ancient craftwork. See image collection from new-built to established:

North of the Arctic Circle

Since we built the highest located barn house in Simplon Pass in Switzerland five years ago, we now build our first barn house north of the Arctic Circle, in one of the Swedish mining centers, Gällivare. The house model is Frösö 125, here with fully glazed gable. The last picture shows Arvesund's barnhouse in Simplon Pass.

A new Sikås 94 outside Östersund

This is a well-planned vacation home, spacious enough for permanent residents. Red carpentry on red house. It will get a silvery roof.

Property for sale

On the link below you will find the dream opportunity to create a quality residence in beautiful, rural yet near urban environment. First view is Sunday, September 16th.

Stavre 172

An old summer house area is replaced with new buildings as Stavre from Arvesund Living. This house is painted with pine tar vitriol, which will eventually become more silver-like.

Manor house or Barnhouse?

Both offer space and light. Like this, the square barnhouse Bye. 106 square meters in one level. Have a closer look at Bye in the new slideshow:

Next to the Baltic Sea

we are building an angle house with many nice details. Klövsjö 132 adapted to this particular site and enlarged to 150 sq.m.

On an island north Stockholm

a Slåtteråsen is being built. This popular model have been built since many years back. The first one on an island in Bohuslän. See interior pictures from this complete one on the link below.

Hara on the way up

Right now we are setting upp the barnhouse Hara. Also see completed Haras in different variants on the right hand pictures.

Alsen tour

Welcome to look around in a family's private Alsen house! Link to slideshow below.

Horse farm

Our horse farm begins to take shape. Three buildings frame a courtyard. Soon pastures with riding horses will connect to the buildings. Exciting to be able to create modern horse-habitation via our barnhouses.

One-storey barnhouse

This one-story barn house have been set up among horse farms. The house was ready for occupation for New Year. The work of getting a garden is now all that remains since Arvesund and our builders have left.

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