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Classic - fixed price

Our largest angle house in the Frösö series is available as Classic! This means it can be delivered at a fixed, lower price, provided a fixed floor plan, choice of materials and installations.

Thirty sqm year round

Cabins for permanent living.

Mountain panorama in Duved
BearPeak produces new condominiums in collaboration with Arvesund Living, in the middle of Duved. The homes are built with high quality and with a solid craft made by local craftsmen.

With its own touch

Barnhouse model Frösö has been included as one of our catalog houses since 2013. Now in larger series, all with fully glazed gable.

Classic barn house models

Now we are launching Classic houses, houses that can be delivered at a fixed price and with a predetermined floor plan.

New house model Stugun ...

- inside modern, exterior classic. A modern barn with classic eaves and windows.

Tullus - new barn hous series ...

For leisure and permanent housing. Most of our barn houses come with sludge-colored façade in red, black or gray. Iron and tar vitriol are alternatives for those who want a more natural silver gray panel. Later this spring, smaller variants of Tullus will be available.

Sprayed wood ...

This Myrviken house is built with sprayed wood fiber insulation in both walls and roof.

Klövsjö – one of our most loved houses!

The first house in our model series Klövsjö was erected five years ago on an island. This time too, Klövsjö is being built coastal. In between, we have erected several, both by the coast and hinterland, east and west, rural and urban. This house will be painted with with iron vitriol for silvery colour. ...

Barnhouse Hara on family farm

On beautiful farmland, a Hara 105 with loft is being built. It is built on part of a family farm and designed to fit in with the surroundings. In the entrance floor, the original plan is modified for sauna and childrens playroom, the loft includes three rooms.

All red, from roof to window frames

Inside white. We also designed a sauna in the same style for this barn house by the beach in the Stockholm archipelago.

Townhouse in Duved

Six townhouses centrally in Duved, close to everything, perfect for work and leisure. 128 sqm with district heating, garage and view of Åreskutan from the kitchen window. Production start is planned for the autumn, with occupancy in April 2020, see link below. For more information contact Jimmy Blomgren at Länsförsäkringar Fastighetsförmedling: jimmy.blomgren@lansfast.se

Ready to move in!

Yet another of our beloved Barnhouse Klovsjo is ready for occupation. See this angled house in photo views from all angles via the link below.

Solar cells on the roof

on the house model Hara

Great Grey Fannby

The customer's own choice has moved the entrance to the long side and given the house a prime and made it a little bigger. Large hall, large technical room with extra shower. The floor plan has then changed, the new floor plan is shown next to it. It is painted in grey oil a lasyr color that matures of the sun. A great house! ...

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