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Next to the Baltic Sea

we are building an angle house with many nice details. Klövsjö 132 adapted to this particular site.

On an island north Stockholm

a Slåtteråsen is being built. This popular model have been built since many years back. The first one on an island in Bohuslän. See interior pictures from this complete one on the link below.

Hara on the way up

Right now we are setting upp the barnhouse Hara. Also see completed Haras in different variants on the right hand pictures.

Alsen tour

Welcome to look around in a family's private Alsen house! Link to slideshow below.

Horse farm

Our horse farm begins to take shape. Three buildings frame a courtyard. Soon pastures with riding horses will connect to the buildings. Exciting to be able to create modern horse-habitation via our barnhouses.

One-storey barnhouse

This one-story barn house have been set up among horse farms. The house was ready for occupation for New Year. The work of getting a garden is now all that remains since Arvesund and our builders have left.

To build in winter landscape

Åre is experiencing the greatest amount of snow since 1976. Still we have started a couple of buildings, which means that the contractors we employ must be just as good at shoveling snow as they are at nailing.
Picture: Hara 150, a long barn house with loft over half the bottom floor. In Duved.

Buildings in progress

The two Sikas 45 outside Havstenssund, now have their external walls and roof built and are prepared for the interiors work. Nice as the weather is more unreliable and often rough now.

Two Sikas in one plot

In the north west coast two Sikas 45 holiday homes are being built on one common plot. This will be a place for work and inspiration a couple of hours drive from Oslo's city buzz for two Norwegian artist couples. ...


Something we learned in Åre is building in slopes. Wherever in this village we build a house, the ground leans 3-4 meters in some direction.
There we have completed a house in a good slope, a Hara with a ground floor underneath, and are soon setting up an 18 meter long Hara 105. In both cases there are hundreds of cubic meters of soil and cracked stone to get moved for the concrete ground slab.

In the heart of Dalarna

In Leksand our Sikås 58 with an adjacent timber storehouse will create a farm character worthy the traditional Siljan countryside.
Follow the performance on our website from bottom slab to standing frame –and finally a whole farm.

Horse farm

Arvesund is in the beginning of the construction of a larger horse farm with housing house, workshop and stall, all in barnhouse style. Follow the building in the fall through our website or Facebook.

The cube house's series grows

After a number of deliveries of our lovely little cubic house, ”Bye”, this housemodel comes next year in several new variants. One floor, two floors, with and without side buildings.

A growing house

One of our Slatterasen is in the Karlskrona Archipelago since three years back. Now we will enlarge it into a house in angle.

Hara 85+

A modified Hara 85 with semi-glazed extension.

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