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Myrviken 98/132

Architect Gunnar Bäckman
Living space 132 sq.m.
Building area 107 sq.m.
Ca. measurements (w x l x h) 7,4 x 15 x 6 m (7,5 m)

Product sheets in Swedish for download: Myrviken 98/132.

 Go to house model Myrviken 132

Myrviken 98/132 is a complete house with three bedrooms on one level. If you choose to have two bedrooms on the upper floor, the bottom floor instead accommodate a larger living room or office.

Living area is 98/132 sqm with decorated upper floor. Only part of the large floor area upstairs has full heigt which is required to be counted as living area.

Also see Myrviken 98/152. It is the same house on the ground floor, but has an equiped upper floor with higher roof angle, see images below.

Housse model Myrviken 132, Gotland.

Myrviken, with 98 sqm ground floor with a 45 degree roof angle provides 152 sq m of living space. Gotland. See more photos here.

House model Myrviken 132, Uppsala.

This is also Myrviken152, but situated in Uppsala.

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