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Barn house model Mattmar



Mattmar are fully insulated houses, suitable for use all year round. It is constructed in the same way as our bigger houses, but delivered as Pre-Cut. You self can build all or part of the house. All construction materials are included, along with construction and installation documents. The house comes as a complete kit of loose wooden goods. Frame is marked and cut into parts. The walls are constructed on site, quickly and without waste. A kit in loose wooden goods provides many advantages. It can easily be transported to site. If you want to change, mirror or move windows, it´s easily made during erecting of the frame, before the panel is put in place.

Our whole idea of ​​reusing the design of Swedish barns began with the classic meadow barn which a hundred years ago stood on every field in the central north Sweden. We started sketching on vacation houses with extended barn as a model.

The barn house Mattmar, with its self-supporting wood construction, provides space for a small loft.


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        Gunnar Bäckman

Gunnar Bäckman, architect 1967, Licentiate of Technology at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), in Stockholm, municipal architect of Östersund and Krokom in the county of Jämtland. Gunnar has formed the basis of Arvesund’s design principles. In his models he has captured the barn and re-formed it to modern houses.

Based on his experience as a municipal architect Gunnar has in a number of projects shown how barn houses, backyard houses and cabins together can create a closely connected yard milieu and buildings.












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