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Hara 105.

Hara 105 above. See photos of Hara 85 and Hara 90.



Gunnar Bäckman's series Hara is very much an exact copy of the barns that fills Middle Norrlands  fields. You see them everywhere. Although most are not used today, they are still part of the landscape. The classic meadow barns that had one purpose, to store hay in the field it was struck.

Externally we have put all energy to emulate a traditional barn. There should be no doubt about where the inspiration to Hara models came from. Straight, strict and classic cuts with no additional debauchery. By using most part of the upper floor, we can create living spaces up to 180 square meters.

The village Hara is located along the Storsjö (Great Lake)
shore, by the bay that leads down to the lake's southern part. It is in these areas the lake monster been observed most times. Therefore do not to close to the beach the next time you want to see classic meadow barns in their natural environment!

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HARA 105/145
HARA 130
HARA 140
HARA 175
HARA 178
Architect Gunnar Bäckman, photo.

Gunnar Bäckman

Gunnar Bäckman, architect 1967, Licentiate of Technology at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), in Stockholm, municipal architect of Östersund and Krokom in the county of Jämtland. Gunnar has formed the basis of Arvesund’s design principles. In his models he has captured the barn and re-formed it to modern houses.

Based on his experience as a municipal architect Gunnar has in a number of projects shown how barn houses, backyard houses and cabins together can create a closely connected yard milieu and buildings.












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