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Hallen is a village by the foot of the mountains. The village has a wonderful view of the big lake "Storsjön".

This simple single storey, with its low-pitched roof angle is just as discreet you can get a barn house. With elevated intermediate the model is given a large studio loft and an entirely new expression. With a well planned interior, and the ability to add a green room, you can catch the sunlight, even though the man in the village hall constantly have the sun in the back.

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Arkitekt G Bäckman


Gunnar Bäckman

Gunnar Bäckman, architect 1967, Licentiate of Technology at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), in Stockholm, municipal architect of Östersund and Krokom in the county of Jämtland. Gunnar has formed the basis of Arvesund’s design principles. In his models he has captured the barn and re-formed it to modern houses.

Based on his experience as a municipal architect Gunnar has in a number of projects shown how barn houses, backyard houses and cabins together can create a closely connected yard milieu and buildings.


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