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The company – about Arvesund 

All over Sweden, in the fields and at the edge of the forests, there are barns as part of the open scenery. Beautiful and functional, even if many of them – concurrently with an increasingly developed farming – fall victim to the ravages of time. In those barns we found the foundation for Arvesund’s ideas of recycling.


Recycling Old into New

We started with the reuse of the windswept timber from tumble-down barns. At that time we created – among other things – the Hermit’s Cabin. Old timber got new life!

After a couple of years we started to reuse substantially more than the old timber. In the form and expression of the barn you find the foundation for our barn houses and sheds. The basic idea is that a house from Arvesund should look like a barn when you aren’t there. Barred up, they could just as well be a storehouse for hay and tractors. When the house is opened up, there is a modern holiday house with everything you can ask for.
Starting from this most classical building in the Swedish landscape, “recycling” grows when it comes to houses, furniture and ideas for living and designing trends. Even in the future you might be able to establish a new way of holiday living at the edge of fields and meadows.

Three areas

Arvesund is doing business within three areas. In a traditional sense, we are a design company that has connected with some of the most important designers in the country. We are also a building a company, that in cooperation with established architects and building producers, design and create the modern barn for living and recreation. As consultants, we are also participating and managing projects connected to living, interest in nature and design.


Gunnar Fröberg
Founder & Owner, Arvesund Living AB



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