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The Hermit´s Cabin

Building area 7,5 m2
Ca. measurements (w x l x h) 2,6 x 2,9 x 3 m
Architect Mats Theselius

The Hermit’s Cabin is 7,5 square meters and optimal for one person. Insulated and cosy in order to be used all the year round. The cabin is delivered without furnishing. If you want it furnished there is a wood stove with water heater, besides there is a furnishing package comprising bed, chair, wardrobe and a set of shelves. There is also a textile package with curtains, lambskin and bed textiles.


Responible for sale and production of our sheds and huts is the carpentry company Lignarium. 
Direct contact to Lignarium: E-mail: info@lignarium.se

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