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Back Yard Houses, Sheds and Huts 

All Arvesunds back yard houses and sheds are prepared for use year round. Our new models Back Yard Houses of 25 sqm suited to requirements regarding the so-called Attefall houses  permits free additional house in Sweden. The sheds and Hermits Cabin is built for up to 140 mm insulation in walls and ceilings.

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25 sq.m.

Complement houses for guests, homeoffice and generation accommodations. Or the whole farm environment along with our full size Barn houses. Building area is 25 sqm. Most have lofts.

Arvesund sheds are in basic model isolated and prepared for use year round. They are built for up to 140 mm insulation in walls and ceilings and are available in sizes from 8 to 15 sqm. Several models for sauna.

Since Theselius created Hermit´s Cabin and caught the world's press on tiptoe, interest in the hut has been great.


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