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Åsvilan 152

Living space 152 sq.m.
Building area 91 sq.m.
Ca. measurements (w x l x h) 8,3 x 11 x 7,5 m.
Roof angle 30 degrees.
Architect Gunnar Bäckman.

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The villa Åsvilan 152, exterior.

Åsvilan 152 has straightness and simplicity. It has two floors. With different window setting it can be transformed into a classic manor house, or a house with large panoramic surfaces. Two, three or four bedrooms on the upper level.



Green Room 3 x 5 meters, 15 square meters. See also Åsvilan 178, where we added an apartment of 25 square meters and a "green room" at the opposite end.

House model Åsvilan, with green room.

 Åsvilan 152, variation with green room.

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