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Old barn, photo

What are the characteristics for a barn house?

A barn house is a house looking like a barn. A modern house that by its design goes well with the surroundings and is possible to adapt to a wide variety of milieus.

To us the barn is interesting from several aspects. It is plainly built with materials that traditionally always have been close to what we today refer as “sustainable”. At the same time it is extremely functional, solid and durable, made for sitting in the middle of a field, unheated, exposed to wind and weather. And it has an intelligible idiom, nothing is unnecessary, everything is straight and honest.

If you compare an original barn with our barn houses, the big difference is of course that the barn house is a modern house built with methods and technology of our times, suited to meeting the future demands on environment and energy. But the up-to-date and present is also in the plainness and functionality. The barn is in itself eternally modern.

During the years we have been working with the barn houses, we have developed a number of design principles as basis for all our models.


Design Principles
A barn house should:

• Contribute to the landscape
That the barn houses go well with the surroundings is a basic principle. No matter where a barn house is built and how the exterior is designed, it should still be perceived just as natural as timeless. In a town as on the countryside.

• Borrow the expression of the barn
The barn has a number of overlooked details that give extra quality to our modern living. A defused range of colors creates peace and stability. Architectural elements such as sliding doors, shutters and open passages open up for the beautifully filtered barn light. Moreover, they give the surplus that the house is possible to lock up completely when nobody is there.

• Have a lot of feeling of wood
Uncolored window frames, panels, solid wooden floors. Wood creates a warm and friendly indoor milieu. Today there is an enormous supply of wooden panel, boards and open wooden structure on the market. We minimize the use of plaster.

• Be functional
In the same way as the old barns were built – and enlarged – to meet the demands of the farmer, we do the same. It should be obvious that the house is drawn and constructed based on how it will be used.

• Be ingenuous
Windows, doors, cases, eves are all as simple as possible. The barn is simple in a minimalistic way with a lot of feeling for the material. That should also go for a barn house.

• Be variable
All barn houses should be easy to change, extend and enlarge. They have an open structure up to the ridge and an extension should be perceived just as natural on barn house as on a barn.

• Have a profile of sustainability.
The future houses have to be sustainable from all aspects. Together with our partner Derome we are already in the frontline of the complex process of sustainability certification. Our houses must fulfill comprehensive criteria regarding environment, economy and fairness.

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